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Terms and conditiones

General hotel policies for hotel Legenda:

  1. General Terms
  2. The next rules were realized under the Government resolution of Russian Federation from 09.10.2015 № 1085 “Hospitality services Rules in Russian Federation”.
  3. Hotel “Legenda” guarantee to the guests to enter into needed commitments organization and technical actions to provide confidential and safety of personal data to protect it from unauthorization or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, backup, distribution and other illegal activity according to RF law. By that the guest is responsible for all provided information. In case of submission of false data, the guest is totally responsible according to the acting RF law.
  4. Smoking is prohibited all round in the hotel according to the acting RF law. For violation, there is a penalty 5000 rubles as a compensation for material expenses for special procedure to eliminate tobacco smoke from the room (air cleaning from tobacco smoke in the room, dry cleaning of the furniture, room textile and carpet). Upon the breach of an obligation, hotel Legenda reserves the rights to contact Law enforcement authorities for further guest administrative prosecution for smoking in the wrong places.
  5. The resolution of not mentioned here questions is going after acting RF laws and rules.
  6. Feedback and suggestions about hotel Legenda work are accepted on the official web site of the hotel or in the guest book for feedback and suggestions, which is on reception on the first floor.
  7. Reservation policies
  8. Reservation fee is free of charge.
  9. There are two types of booking at the Legenda hotel:
  • Guaranteed reservation is when the total amount for the first night is prepaid. This type of reservation is saved until 07:00 AM the next day after predicted arrival. In case of no-show at any reason when reservation is guaranteed, and the guest doesn’t inform hotel about it in 24 hours before check-in hour of the predicted arrival, hotel takes penalty for no-show — 100% room rate of the first night.
  • Not guaranteed – is when the hotel is waiting for the guest until 06 PM at the arrival day. In case the guest doesn’t arrive to the hotel until 06:00 PM, and doesn’t inform the hotel about late check in, the hotel reserves the rights to cancel the reservation. Registration of the arrived after 06 PM guests is possible in case there is an available room.
  1. Reservation at the Legenda hotel is possible only when there are free rooms.

III. Residence policy

  1. Hotel Legenda is dedicated for Russian and foreign citizens’ temporary residence during the period, that was agreed by administration of the hotel and duly registries according to the acting RF law. A deadline, on what accommodation in the hotel is registries, for foreigners is 30 days and for Russian citizens – 90 days.
  2. Hotel Legenda works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  3. Check-out is 12:00 PM, check-in is 01:00 PM.
  4. After the agreed and prepaid period of accommodation, the guest must leave the room. Individuals, who want to continue their residence in the hotel, inform reception about that no longer than before 12 hours of their staying ending. In case there are no free rooms, hotel reserves the rights to deny the guest in prolongation.
  5. In case of temporary departure from the hotel the guest, who doesn’t prepay the next day, during the absence period lose the right for residence and should be subject to eviction.
  6. According to the acting RF law the guest must pay damages in case of lost or damage of the hotel’s property, and is responsible for violations, organized by individuals whom was invited by guest according to the internal rules of the hotel.
  7. The next services are provided to the guests of the hotel free of charge:
  • Reception and accommodation services (24 hours a day 7 days a week);
  • Touristic information providing.
  • Documents printing and scanning
  • Pick up service (24 hours a day 7 days a week);
  • Calling for ambulance or other emergency services;
  • Fist and kit using;
  • Wake-up call to the definite time;
  • Press delivery:
  • Boiled water, sewing and cosmetic kits (tooth paste, tooth brush, shaving kit) providing;
  • High speed Wi-Fi;
  • Daily cleaning;
  • Bed linen and towels changing (once in a three days).
  1. For extra pay hotel Legenda provides the next services:
  • Laundry service;
  • Intercity and international callings;
  • Subjects of individual use realization;
  • Business services;
  • Avia and railway tickets ordering and delivery;
  • Transfer and трансфер и transport services;
  • Excursions ordering in Rostov-on-Don and Rostov region;
  • Booking tickets for concerts, plays and other performance and events;
  • Interpreter services.

Extra services are provided in case there is a free specialist (free cars).

  1. Guests are obligated to:
  • Respect residence policy in the hotel;
  • Follow Fire Safety Regulations;
  • Not to break the other guests’, staying in the hotel, repose during the next period (from 11:00 PM until 07:00 AM). The guests are also requested for silence during the mentioned period;
  • Full payment for provided services should be realized during check-out time;
  • In case of emergency follow the instructions of the hotel’s staff;
  • Take care on the hotel’s property.
  1. According to the Fire Safety Regulations guests are requested:
  • Not to use electrical and electric heaters devices in the room (electrical kettles, irons, heaters, extensions etc.);
  • Easily flammable or otherwise dangerous materials shouldn’t be kept in the room;
  • Do not smoke in the room, in the hotel;
  • Do not cover switched on floor lamps, table lamps and sconces.
  1. In case of smoke, fire and fire detection, please call 101 or 901 immediately and inform hotel’s administration about that.
  2. For public security providing it’s not permitted in the hotel:
  • to give the key from the room to third parties;
  • to leave strangers in the room during your own absence;
  • To create uncomfortable situations and to break other hotel’s guests repose;
  • Strangers presence in the room from 08:00 AM until 11:00 PM without documented in accordance with legally established procedures one time pass, and without documented accommodation after 11:00 PM;
  • To keep pets without administration permission.
  1. For public security providing in the hotel Legenda administrator’s assistant has the right to ask you for the guest card at the entrance.
  2. In case of expire of the guest’s residence period in the hotel and in case of the guest absence in the room (and residence is not prolonged, and prepaid in time), hotel’s administration reserves the rights to organize a commission and to make inventory of the guest’s property to free the room. Valuables (as money and precious stones and metals, documents) hotel’s administration takes to safe free of charge. Safe is at the reception desk. The other property should be taken to the luggage storage.
  3. In case guest’s lost property has been found, hotel informs the guest immediately (in case that administration knows exactly whose property is found). Hotel keeps the lost property for three months.
  4. Residence documenting procedures
  5. The hotel enters into the contract with the guest only after performing by the guest the ID document(documents) established in accordance with legally procedures, including: passport of the Russian citizen, which identify the personality of the citizen of Russian Federation on the territory of Russian Federation, passport of the USSR citizen, identifying the personality of the Russian Federation citizen before its exchange in a legal period to the passport of the Russian Federation citizen; birth certificate – for persons who have not attained the age of 14 years. By that check-in the hotel for the persons who have not attained the age of 14 years is provided according to the documents identifying the personality of the adults, travelling with them (parents, guardians or adopters) or nearest relatives and attendant. Mentioned above individuals should also have a document which confirms their opportunity to accompany the person(persons) who have not attained the age of 14 years, together with the birth certificates of all those persons; passport, which identify personality of the Russian Federation citizen abroad the Russian Federation territory – for persons who live constantly abroad the Russian Federation territory; passport of the foreign citizen or any other document, legalized by Federal Law of Russian Federation or invalidate in accordance to the international agreement of Russian Federation as a document , identifying personality of the foreign citizen; document, established by foreign government and invalidate in accordance to the international agreement of Russian Federation as a document, identifying the personality of the stateless person; a temporary residence permit for a stateless person; residence permit for a stateless person.
  6. During check-in period, the receptionist gives the recуipt, registration card, guest card and electronic key for the room to the guest. During check-out from the hotel the guest is given the invoice, in which all realized services are mentioned.
  7. Individuals that was invited by guest and under receptionist informing, can stay in the hotel from 08:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. In case of staying in the room later than 11:00 p.m., the guest should inform hotel’s administration and to document the other guest into his or any other free room. The guest should submit his ID document and to pay for his accommodation according to the acting hotel rates. Invited individuals are obligated to follow general hotel policies. In case of non-compliance the invited guests’ visit can be restricted or terminated.
  8. At the departure day, the key for the room should be returned to the receptionist, after room revision by hotel’s housekeeping service all payment for realized services (including extra) should be provided. In case you inform administrator predicted time of your departure in advance, we will do our best to reduce the time of your check-out procedure.
  9. The hotel Legenda reserves the rights to deny the guest in further accommodation in case the guest doesn’t respect the acting Rules or in case of untimely payment for the hotel’s services.
  10. Terms and types of payment
  11. Hotel Legenda accepts both ways of payment: cash and non-cash.
  12. Payment for accommodation and services, provided by hotel Legenda, is realizing by prices, approved by director of the hotel. All payments are accepted in rubles only.
  13. Cash payment procedure:
  • When paying by cash, all calculations are provided by control cash register;
  • Cashed money is given to the receptionist by the guest;
  • The receptionist counts money, given by the guest to pay for hotel’s services, checks availability of the given banknotes and coins of the RF Bank, after that gives the change (if needed) and gives the receipt to the guest;
  • The guest is obligated to recount the change and to check if the receipt was formed correctly without leaving front desk. If not the claims about payments and calculations are accepted.
  1. Non-cashed payments calculations for the hotel’s services are performing by Payment orders. Payment for hotel’s services is organized by money transaction to the account of the hotel Legenda (IP Adamyan Z.A.) based on the invoices, billed by the hotel (IP Adamyan Z.A.). Thereby services are called “paid” up from the moment of their enrollment to the acting bank account of the hotel (IP Adamyan Z.A.).
  2. When payment is provided by credit card as a subject of payment microproceccing plastic cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Dinners Club) are permitted. When paying with plastic cards the receipt is forming on paper in 2 copies electronic terminal receipt (Slip), one copy goes to the guest and the other to the hotel. The guest is also given the cash register’s receipt on the total operation amount.
  3. Payment for accommodation is accepted according to the established system of the check-out time – 12:00 PM of the present day by local (Moscow) time.
  4. When staying no longer than 24 hours payment is taken for a full day irrespective of the time of arrival.
  5. When check-in without reservation when staying period is from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM (arrival and departure are in the same day) payment for accommodation is charged for a full day (100% room rate).
  6. When check-in without reservation during the period from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM is prolonged to the next day or longer payment for accommodation is calculated the next way:
    • From 12:00 AM until 06:00 AM — 100% room rate;
    • From 06:00 AM until 09:00 AM — 50% room rate;
    • From 09:00 AM until 12:00 PM – 25% room rate.
  7. When check-in during the period from 12:00 AM until 12:00 PM, when reservation was guaranteed, the payment for accommodation is calculated the next way:
    1. From 12:00 AM until 06:00 AM — 100% room rate;
    2. From 06:00 AM until 09:00 AM — 50% room rate;
    3. From 09:00 AM until 12:00 PM – 25% room rate.
  8. Check-out after 12:00 PM is possible only in case of free rooms of needed category in the hotel presence. Payment for late check-out is calculated the next way:
    • From 12-00 PM Until 04:00 PM — 25% room rate.;
    • From 04:00 until 08:00 PM – 50% room rate.;
    • After 08:00 PM – 100% room rate.
  9. Breakfast by bybuffet table
  10. Children at the age from 0 to 6 years live free of charge with parents in case extra bed for them isn’t needed. Breakfast for children is included.
  11. Final calculations between the gust and the hotel for extra services are performing during check-out. The guest is given the receipt and the invoice with the name and total cost of provided services.
  12. Payments for extra services (laundry, minibar etc.) is performing at the front desk.
  13. Payments for material damages is performing at the reception only after documenting the damaging act. The Act is made in 3 copies. After paying the guest is given a receipt and 1 act copy.
  14. Cancellation policies
    1. Cancellation without penalty is possible in case of informing hotel in 24 hours before check-in hour of the arrival day. If you want to cancel your reservation, please send us a request for that by phone or e-mail. In other case hotel reserves the rights to bill you a total cost of the first night of your accommodation for room downtime.
avenue 40-Let Pobedy, 256.
8 (863)210 07 11